Making an Appointment

Telephone 01284 753821 for all enquiries between 9am – 5.00pm

Please allow at least an hour for your visit and plenty of time on your parking ticket, should you be coming by car.

We would like to emphasise that Wigram & Ware is a privately owned independent optician and you will looked after by a long standing and trusted member of our team. As we believe you should reasonably expect this when you have entrusted us with your eye care. For your eye examination you will Stuart Andrews or one of our very trusted locally based locums. Jennifer, Christine or Stuart will always deal with the dispensing of your Spectacles. Similarly if you are a contact lens wearer you will be looked after by Stuart or Jennifer.

Our eye examinations typically take about between 25 and 50 minutes. Occasionally we may advise further tests and the appointment make take a little longer. Alternatively it may be more appropriate to arrange an extra appointment time.

There is no fixed time period allocated for frame selection and lens discussions as we encourage you to take as much time as you feel you need. We will never rush you, because you need time to explore the most appropriate lenses and frames for your particular lifestyle.

Our professional advice throughout your visit will help to guide your decisions and achieve an optimum result for you.

It is advisable to call well in advance to secure your preferred appointment time.

If you require an appointment on a day that is already fully booked please ask to be placed on our cancellation list together with a suitable daytime phone number. We will then contact you as soon as an appointment becomes available.

Patients will receive reminders for their regular eye examinations.

As a general guide we schedule our Eye Examination appointment reminders to you as follows: –

  • Adults: Every 2 years
  • Children: Every year

These scheduled reminders are only guidelines because some people may require more frequent appointments as do those with medical conditions, such as glaucoma or diabetes.