Children’s Eye Care

Children wearing glassesFortunately specs are now seriously fashionable, which is great for our kids.

It is important for them to feel comfortable and fit in. The Adidias Kids Collection not only make kids feel great, they can withstand much of the rough and tumble as they are made from strong, lightweight materils.

Call in to see these and our other range of frames for the tiny tots to the terrible teens!

When should Children come along for a Sight Test?

The government recognizes the importance of children’s eye care and allows all children up to the age of 15 to have a sight test under the NHS.

Children from as young as 3 years old will benefit from a professional eye exam. We have numerous ways to attract their attention and check for motility and co ordination. Our simple picture test charts allow us to check children’s vision without using letters, making the whole process fun and enjoyable.

Ultraviolet effects on the Young Eye

We are well used to protecting our skin from the suns rays but often forget about our eyes. It is estimated that 80% of total lifetime exposure to UV rays occurs before the age of 18. UV is a major contributor to the cause of cataracts, protection from an early age is recommended.

Everyday Sun Protection for Children

As children’s eyes develop they can be particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of too much ultraviolet. Fitting them with photochromic spectacle lenses will help to protect their eyes in all light conditions from the suns UV rays because the tint adjusts according to the amount of UV present.

Contact Lenses for Children

Advances in lens materials make contact lenses eminently suitable for the young eye.

These could be for occasional use for example sport or for full time use. The soft Acuvue Oasys™ lenses offer 99% UV protection as well.

The Best for your Son or Daughter

Come and chat to us about your children’s sports activities, their hobbies and their vision needs and discover how to get the best optical correction for your son or daughter.