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Eye Examinations

Why Do We Need an Eye Examination?

Our eyes are irreplaceable. We only get one pair. They are our most precious sense. An eye examination can detect early signs of health problems, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Sight loss can be avoidable. Many people go blind every day simply because they didn’t know a problem was developing.

Eye problems can develop long before the symptoms can be seen or felt.

A sight test or eye examination is like a mini health care check as well as finding out if you require a prescription to make your vision more comfortable. If the Optician finds that a prescription will help you to see more easily then, it may be possible for you to have correcting contact lenses in preference to spectacles.

People often suffer from eyestrain when they view computer screens or work in poorly lit offices. Conversely certain lighting in offices can cause headaches.

  • If you drive a car, when did you last have an eye exam, if at all?
  • Can you read a number plate easily from 67 feet away?
  • Do you suffer with glare from car headlights when driving at night?
  • Did one of your parents or a sibling suffer from any eye disease?

These are all very valuable reasons to have an eye examination. Wigram and Ware Opticians have the expertise to help you with these and many more conditions. Book an eye examination today and ask for the Optopol® OCT Scan to be included.

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