Sunglasses are designed primarily to protect your eyes from the Sun’s harmful ultra violet rays.

UV light can be very beneficial to our lives, but too much exposure to UV can cause harm to the eyes, just as it can to our skin.

Scientists have found that people who are exposed to high levels of sunlight are up to four times more likely to develop cataracts. Children wearing sunglassesIt’s thought that the ultraviolet component of solar radiation may speed up the clouding of the lens inside the eye.

Now more is known about the effects of ultra violet radiation and the weakening of our ozone protection; the use of sunglasses is becoming more and more important for all of us, especially our children.

Wigram and Ware can supply sunglasses with or without your spectacle prescription.

We now have the expertise to include a prescription in many sunglass styles, including wrap around, which can incorporate your distance, reading or multifocal correction.

Some people prefer light sensitive (Photochromic) lenses as an alternative to permanently dark sunglasses. They still offer full protection from the UV light even when they are not dark. Photochromic lenses however do not darken as efficiently inside a car. For those of us who are more light sensitive (or photophobic) and in conditions such as driving when the sun is low in the sky, permanently dark sunglass lenses will be more beneficial.

Polarising filters are designed specifically to cut out reflected light. These are superb for reducing glare on wet roads when the sun comes out. They are also particularly good for water sports like sailing or fishing, by cutting the glare from the surface of the water.

Dispensing Opticians at Wigram and Ware take a particular interest in personalising your sunglasses with special filters, mirror finishes or anti-reflection coatings. This may be to enhance sporting activities or maybe just to give them the right look! For those of you that participate in more energetic sports and require something even more robust we offer the fabulous Addidas range of sports eyewear which can now also be supplied to accommodate your prescription.

Advice is always readily available. Come and talk to us. We will be happy to discuss and demonstrate all of these options to you.